Yikes! (The New Introductory Blog)

You know, it’s funny… I had this site all ready to go. I had FOUR BLOGS written already, detailing different moments and different realizations that I experienced over the last nine months as my wife and I prepared to welcome our first child into the world. I was going to post the first such blog last Saturday night and get the ball rolling. It was going to be great.

Instead, we went to the hospital and had a baby.

Someday, I’ll post the original introductory blog – probably once the craziness of having a newborn starts to subside a little bit. But until then, I belong at the side of my baby girl.

This blog, as you would have read in a later draft of the original introductory blog (I hadn’t edited it in yet) won’t be an all-encompassing look at my baby girl and her life. I had never intended it to be. This space is for my thoughts, feelings, musings, and general sense of wit to exist and breathe.

Because my baby’s Daddy is a nerd. And that’s going to make this journey rather… unique?


I think.

I’m new to this… so gimme a break, will ya!?